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The fabric is bibulous and good breathable, protect the leg and knee from pulling during in outdoor activities such as running, basketball, football, cycling, golf

Material: Lycra

S: Length: 39cm, Thigh Girth: 10 to 12 inches / 25 to 30cm

M: Length: 42cm, Thigh Girth: 12 to 14 inches / 30 to 35cm

L: Length: 45cm, Thigh Girth: 14 to 16 inches / 35 to 40cm

XL: Length:47cm, Thigh Girth: 16 to 18 inches / 40 to 45cm

Item rating: 5.0

Mark Anthony Gersalia 5 months ago Okay sya nag basketball ako tumama tuhod ko sa ring tapos nd ako nsaktan. Will order again

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